Discovering Brescia

Brescia is commonly referred to as the Italian Lioness, as the poet laureate Giosuè Carducci puts it.The name comes from the fierce resistance with which the city opposed the Austrians in 1849 in the so called revolt of the “Ten Days” during the Risorgimento, the movement that led to the unification of Italy.

Come and stay at Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel to discover the strong personality and the hidden secrets of this historical and modern city that will bewitch you and hold your attention.
The Mille Miglia race, the Lakes, the Mountains, art exhibitions, Franciacorta sparkling and other wines, good simple food and much more will welcome you.

Take a look at the historical cars speeding in front of our hotel. The Mille Miglia is a heritage of the automotive world that takes place once a year in Brescia. The pre-race vehicle registration, the presence of hundreds of known and unknown pilots and their cars will take you back in time to be part of “the most beautiful race in the world”.

Other important venues (“Brescia Motor Week”, featuring Musical Watch Veteran Car Club, “Driving Together – Car & Golf”, “500 Miglia”) make Brescia and Villa Fenaroli the ideal destination for historic motorsport lovers.
Brescia is also the province of lakes. The Garda Lake, the largest in Italy, is adorned with picturesque and elegant towns, such as Salò, Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione (the Pearl of the Lake) and Gardone Riviera, where the “Vittoriale degli Italiani” historical and panoramic site stands. Family entertainment may also be found in the theme park of “Gardaland” and the garden “Parco Giardino Sigurtà”. Less touristic but not less beautiful is the Iseo Lake, with its “Torbiere del Sebino” damp reserve and Monte Isola, a lake island on which a very charming village stands. Last but not least, the Idro Lake is a gem that lies between the mountains that once marked the boundary of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Home to art exhibitions and cultural events, the Santa Giulia Museum in the centre of Brescia has recently been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its unique location – an VIII-century monastery –, the museum offers the richest collection of Longobardic art in Italy, taking the visitor though a historical and spiritual tour from prehistorical to contemporary Brescia. Within walking distance, the Roman “Brixia” awaits you: the Capitolium, built in AD 73 by Emperor Vespasian, with its temple, forum and theatre is the most remarkable Roman monument and ruin of a public building in Northern Italy.

A walk in the city centre makes you witness the passing of different eras: from Piazza Paolo VI, where the middle-aged “Broletto” palace, the Neoclassical New Cathedral and the Old Cathedral of Paleochristian origin stand, to Piazza della Loggia, with the Palace of the Loggia and its Clock Tower dating back to Renaissance, to XX-century Piazza della Vittoria, of Fascist architecture. The magnificence of the whole area can be admired from the vantage point of Brescia Castle, a medieval fortress with a garden on the Cidneo Hill.

We inform our guests that museum tickets may be purchased at our Reception desk at preferential rates!

Brescia is also the right place for food, and, remarkably, for good wine. The precious Franciacorta country, an area of 20.000 hectares of vineyards, has given birth to an excellent Italian product known world-wide: Franciacorta Sparkling Wine. Mention also goes to the “Strada del Vino dei Colli Longobardi”, an ideal gastro-oenological itinerary that combine togheter traditional and rustic point of view.

“If you look down at your feet while walking, you will rarely fall over.
But you will miss the sun setting in front of you,
and the birds’ drawing flocks over your head.
If you gaze around while walking, you will almost certainly fall over.
But you will gather all the gifts of the land” (of Brescia).

Giulia Carcasi, “I am Made of Wood“

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