Meeting Rooms

Magnificent meeting rooms in Brescia,wide and well-furnished spaces able to accommodate many kind of event. From Scalabrini meeting room, capable of holding up to 340 people to Moretto room, lead in privacy with its 35 people , ideal for business meetings .
The wide range enables you to take advantage of the room that best suits your needs.

In the meeting rooms you will have the latest technology without sacrificing the exclusivity of the ‘700 Villa Fenaroli.
Meetings and special events find in our meeting rooms the optimal environment: technological equipment, natural light, air conditioning, qualified and always available staff.

Complete the offer, the rooms at Hotel connected to it ,easily accessible with large parking.

The meeting room in the Villa can host events related to the activities of small and large companies, but also events of public interest with large turnout.

Meeting rooms technical specifications

Choose the most suitable meeting room for your event in the list below.

Room nameAreaCapacityCapacity of the arrangements
Scalabrini Hall270340 places340
Bonomelli Hall132150 places505015012064
Garibaldi Hall180200 places506020013216060
Piano Nobile420300 places145156300240250124
Avogadro Hall101150 places30361506010036
Gallerie627530 places530
Gotica Hall4335 places15352820
TV Hall3730 places10302520
Moretto Hall4235 places12352820
Bacco and Camino Halls8770 places152030302515
Santella Room4430 places151630282012
Broli Room4130 places151630202012
Chiostro Room4430 places151630282012
Rosa Room4430 places151630202015
Arcadia Room4430 places151630282012
Fiori Room4330 places151630282012
Cigni Room5550 places2524502816


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