Bacco and Camino Hall

Two meeting spaces in natural light linked together with frescoed ceilings adorned by elegant Murano chandeliers. 30 people room, separated from the villa allows you to have elegant, classy and reserved conference.

Technical Services

  • I.W.B. – Interactive Whiteboard
  • 240×120 cm magnetic whiteboard in opaque steel 95 inches, 16:9,
  • 3100 ANSI lumen widescreen Epson EB-48WI ultra-short-throw interactive projector,
  • Integrated writing tools,
  • Two digital pens (possibility to save notes made on the projection),
  • Windows 8 laptop with USB port connected with wireless link,
  • Possibility to save all notes on your USB key,
  • Possibility to link by cable to external speakers, other from own audio system.