The Villa

Within close proximity with the city of Brescia stands one of the most renowned villas of the XVIII century in Lombardy: Villa Fenaroli.

Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, the former luxury estate of the Avogadro and Fenaroli aristocratic families, has lost none of its charm from that period.

The superb design of the façade and the refined elegance of its rooms bear witness to its centuries-old history, from the far XVI century to the present.

A Hotel in Brescia

Today, it is an exclusive hotel and congress centre where art, culture and business converge to host the most prestigious events and happenings.


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Our History

It was in 1481 that the Avogadro family, of Venetian origin, decided to build a manor house on their large farm property in the village of Rezzato, where they had previously settled.

In 1622, Earl Scipio Avogadro commissioned a new noble mansion, known as “Palazzo Vecchio” (Old Palace), which was to become the core of the estate.

In 1735, during the Palladian period, the construction of the façade and of the East wing of the villa was started. The Avogadros assigned the work to a master builder from Bergamo, Giovanni Battista Marchetti, but it was Giovanni Battista’s son, Abbot Antonio Marchetti, who gave Villa Fenaroli the imposing appearance it has preserved to these days.

With its elegant architecture and Neo-Baroque style, the villa so closely followed French and Central European models that it would often be referred to as “Little Versailles”. The statues in grey sandstone – Neoclassical additions – and the pendentives made of Botticino stone, peculiar to Romanticism, complete and enhance the magnificence of the façade.

Inside, in the rooms on the ground and on the first floor (Piano Nobile), the gracefully frescoed walls and stuccoed ceilings convey all the refined grandeur of XIX-century Neo-Baroque.